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Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Severity of a Federal Charge

Federal crimes are some of the most dangerous of all types of criminal accusations to the individual involved. The penalties in a conviction are higher and there is no possibility of parole in the federal court system, creating a real threat to your future if you have been accused of any federal crime. Most federal crimes are investigated by special agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF and others. With the vast resources these entities have at their disposal, it is crucial to anyone charged with a federal crime to seek experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel immediately. A Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorney from Kaye, McLane & Bednarski, LLP provides the commitment and skill needed to fight federal crimes charges.

Our firm stands ready to defend you with unparalleled legal support against a variety of federal charges, no matter how many or how severe. If you have been charged with arson, we understand that you may be charged on a state and federal level and that the consequences you face will vary depending on the location and the damage caused. White collar crime is being given increasingly greater attention in the media as of late. Whether you have been charged with an antitrust violation, bribery, counterfeiting, embezzlement, espionage, extortion, money laundering, public corruption, securities fraud, and tax evasion, they are all forms of white collar crime and they are all taken very seriously by our legal team. We also defend clients who have been charged with racketeering or have been charged with a RICO Act violation. In addition to the white collar crime of securities fraud, our legal team is experienced at defending clients charged with various other forms of fraud. If you have been charged with bank fraud, healthcare fraud, mortgage fraud, real estate fraud, or tax fraud, we can help you.

Sex crimes are taken extremely seriously by federal court, the media, and your peers. Violent crimes such as human trafficking and kidnapping charges also face tough opposition. We can help you get through any and all of these charges as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you have been charged with bank robbery, you may not have realized it is a federal crime, but banks are federally insured. If you are being charged with a drug crime on a federal level, there is a chance you are being made an example of by the government's "war on drugs" and you absolutely should not have to suffer for the sake of public approval. We also represent clients who are charged with conspiracy, such as drug conspiracy, conspiracy to commit bank robbery, and various other related crimes. We have an in depth knowledge of the legal process surrounding forgery and identity theft and will help our clients get through it. Being charged with a hate crime can have the most damaging effects on your reputation. It is important that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to ensure a fair trial. If you are being charged with entering the United States illegally, we can help you fight any and all immigration offenses and we will do whatever we can to ensure you never have to leave if you do not want to.

Experience, Commitment, and Results

Facing any legal matter can be difficult, but with the right legal team by your side you have the opportunity to seek a positive result. Not only does the team at our firm have more than six decades of collective legal experience, but we have received numerous accolades for our work and frequently appear in news articles online and in print regarding high-profile cases and the outstanding results we are able to secure for our clients.

Marilyn Bednarski was chosen as a SuperLawyer for 2010 and is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Ronald Kaye was named as one of the Daily Journal's Top 100 Lawyers in California for 2010 and chosen as a SuperLawyer for 2010. Ronald Kaye and David McLane were recipients of the 2011 CLAY Award. Our attorneys appear regularly in the LA Times, the Daily Journal, CNN.com and others and are well-known for their ability to beat all odds and assist clients in exercising their legal rights. Take the acclaimed case regarding the wrongful conviction of Thomas Lee Goldstein, who spent 24 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Attorney Kaye was a key architect in securing one of the largest pre-trial settlements for a wrongful conviction in the U.S.

Please visit our Cases page to look at recent case results and our News page to review some of the most recent articles about our firm.

Federal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Our firm is well-versed in federal criminal defense, having over 61 years of collective experience. As a 2011 recipient of the CLAY, California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year Award for outstanding work in civil rights, our competent legal advocates have over 135 jury trials they have litigated on behalf of their clients, successfully assisting many to be acquitted and be free of the pressure of facing criminal accusations.

Several of our talented team of attorneys have been named Super Lawyers for their high ethical standards, peer recognition, and degree of achievement in their field. We do all we can to fully investigate your case in order to find the best legal strategy for your case. With strong courtroom and negotiating skills, we are able to fight aggressively to protect our clients' rights and seek to avoid a conviction if at all possible. We understand the serious consequences that a conviction can bring, extending the negative impact far into the future and seriously affecting your chance of a successful life. Our firm is known for consistently achieving excellent results. Allow us to help you plan a defensive strategy to seek an acquittal, a dismissal or reduced charge.

Contact a Los Angeles federal criminal defense lawyer to discuss how we can help defend you against your federal crimes charges.

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