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Civil Rights

Lack of Mental Health Care in Custody

Mistreated While In Custody?

While it is true that many inmates in custody are dangerous criminals, some are there for minor crimes and often merely because of a substance abuse problem that led them to crime to cover their habit.  Many of those in custody are in need of some form of therapy to assist them in coping with life's challenges that led them to substance abuse in the first place.  When you or a loved one are facing mental health issues and are in custody, you may need help.  A Los Angeles federal defense attorney from Kaye, McLane & Bednarski, LLP understands the difficulties you may be suffering and is here to help you with your mental health care needs.

Sadly, in our society today, most see the prison population as worthless individuals who deserve no respect or fair treatment.  What most fail to realize is the lack of self respect found in most individuals in prison is one of the leading factors in recidivism.  Enabling someone in custody to obtain the mental medical health care they need can lead to their ability to overcome their anger and frustration at society and possibly get back into society as productive citizens.

Los Angeles Civil Rights Lawyer

Our firm has helped numerous clients with their civil rights actions for unfair and abusive treatment in custody.  We understand that many are challenged by daily life and need appropriate mental health coverage to cope with life's obstacles.  Our legal team will investigate instances of failure to provide adequate mental health care coverage to those in need and pursue your rights to necessary treatment.  If needed, a civil suit can be filed to protect these rights and recover damages for any harm caused by lack of proper care.

Contact a Los Angeles Civil Rights Lawyer when you have been unable to obtain proper mental health care while in custody.
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